Since 1985 Hermanoff has proven to be a creative powerhouse, capable of turning unknown entities into household names. Our mantra has always been “Ideas made fresh daily.” Our pillars remain: ethics, trust, leadership and integrity.We are consultants. We are responsive, thoughtful and diligent. We are virtual. Focusing over the last 20 years, the public relations profession has endured many changes. The continuing development of the Internet, social media and new tools of communication have advanced opening global horizons.

In 2001 our emotional stability was crushed by 911. In 2008 we experienced a recession that closed businesses and shattered financial stability. And then in 2019 COVID affected our survival, fiscal wellness and emotional health. Global media has struggled and is still exploring its foothold. An experienced PR team knows how to switch gears, and how to build and protect brand image, utilizing the right communication tools for every audience.It is important for every business and organization to know and understand its audiences both internally and externally. A strong internal team, we call them ambassadors, can help foster a strong external brand. A carefully crafted strategy, plus experience, expertise and community ties, all work well to tell a story to boost awareness, visibility and pave a successful future.

Creative – a brand’s essence, can either make or break a company or organization. A “never done before” idea to “stop your audience from breathing” is a critical element. It’s the key differentiator that separates us from our competitors and makes our clients stand out in the marketplace.

We would welcome a conversation. Feel free to call us to discuss your vision and concerns. Thank you.