PR Earns Top Billing for Stress

Forbes just released the top most stressful jobs for 2013. Here they are with their median salaries: Enlisted military personnel $46,000 Military general 196,000 Firefighter 42,000 Commercial airline pilot 92,000 Public relations executive 58,000 Senior corporate executive 101,000 Newspaper reporter 36,000 Taxi driver 22,000 Photojournalist 29,000 Police officer 55,000 Here is the link with the […]

Planning and Prevention Goes a Long Way in Crisis Communication

Just read about a CEO with 8,000 employees who warned his employees that if one of the candidates for president wins, they could lose their jobs. How would you feel going to work every day for that company? That’s an internal crisis:  one that is going to take some quick turnaround time to give his […]

How Clients Can Get the Most Out of Their PR Agency

Building a relationship with your agency is just as important as building your brand. Just like any relationship, it’s a two way street and both sides have to put effort into it to enforce a strong bond. The growing success of your brand goes hand in hand with the strength of your relationship with your […]

Winning for Detroit: I’m a Believer Campaign wins Best of Show Mercury Award

Winning is important only when it involves and inspires people who are better because of it. So goes the I’m a Believer Campaign which won Best of Show last week in New York, competing in the Mercury Awards with 1,000 entries from 21 countries. Mercury Awards The Campaign, which is my baby and also that […]

5 Reasons Your Business Should be on Facebook

Facebook has provided a number of tools to make it a powerful resource not just for individuals, but for businesses and brands as well.  It’s no secret that Facebook will help spread your brand and propel your business into the forefront. Facebook has over 350 million active users. More than 35 million users update their […]

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