How Clients Can Get the Most Out of Their PR Agency

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Building a relationship with your agency is just as important as building your brand. Just like any relationship, it’s a two way street and both sides have to put effort into it to enforce a strong bond.

The growing success of your brand goes hand in hand with the strength of your relationship with your agency. In a good client – agency relationship, information gets passed along much easier and it keeps everyone on the same page. With constant communication from the client, an agency can better prepare for their needs.

Learn how to build a strong relationship and get the maximum potential out of your agency by following this guideline:

  • Trust your agency – build a strong relationship with them.  Trust and chemistry is 90 percent of the contract.
  • Let the agency be the professionals and come to you with proactive ideas, but collaboration is always welcome.  Allow creativity to flourish.
  • Be open to social media and be willing to try new techniques and tools to build your brand.
  • Be accessible, if you are the spokesperson; an alternative spokesperson is always a good idea.
  • Make sure you have a great product/service or story to tell – research/survey results, new hires, events/tradeshows, milestone, expansion, merger, etc.  You may think you have a story, but the media may not agree.  Let your agency help you determine how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Understand that following the AP Stylebook when writing releases and media materials  is important, and that a good agency will be fussy about writing.
  •  Try to return phone calls and emails on time and don’t make the agency wait for approvals and critical decisions.
  • Pay your bill on time. Your mother carried you for nine months, but an agency can’t.
  • Help your agency succeed.  Introduce them to other businesses that might become clients.  Your agency will appreciate your support and work harder for you
  • Say thank you. Compliment your agency on a good job, but know constructive criticism is welcome. If you’re unhappy with something, let them know and give them the chance to change or fix it.

And remember, a sense of humor is always welcome!

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