Social Media

We can create, enhance and manage your social media presence to maximize your online exposure. Examples of what we do include:


Facebook Management

  • Create a professional, attractive Facebook Business page
  • Update the page consistently with valuable, engaging content
  • Softly promote your products or services (exclusive discounts, free events, trials, previews, etc)
  • Facebook fan building strategies
  • Facebook advertising
  • Work with you and your team on how to use Personal Facebook Profiles efficiently and effectively


Twitter Management

  • Create a professional Twitter profile
  • Update Twitter page with compelling content
  • Find and connect with like-minded members of the Twitter community and build a quality following



  • Build a professional Company Page
  • Work with you and your team on how to use Personal LinkedIn Profiles efficiently and effectively
  • Link your Facebook Business page with LinkedIn to keep both pages updated


Google (via YouTube)

  • Build and maintain a presence on Google Local Business (and Google+)
  • Encourage reviews from your customers on your Google Local Business page
  • Make sure your website is optimized properly for better Google rankings


Email Marketing

  • Help create custom email marketing pieces for your business
  • Send out emails and provide reports on each email’s effectiveness
  • Share emails in all of your social media assets


Other Services

  • Setting up a YouTube Channel and uploading videos
  • Setting up a Flickr Page and uploading photos
  • Help with opt-ins and consult to build user-friendly website



  • Help define your audience (Prospective Clients – Organizations, Executive Level, Decision Makers, Media, Chief Marketing Officers)
  • Help define your objectives (Drive traffic to the blog/website, get people talking about you, get people on your email list, send emails of your blog posts)