Worldcom Group Partner – The Pollack PR Marketing Group presents their Ten Defining Moments of 2015 (We couldn’t have said it better ourselves)

Every year The Pollack PR Marketing Group  creates their own “list”, which they call the “Ten PR Defining Moments.” Considerations for making the list is not so much the PR moment itself, or a blip that made the news in 2015, but rather their implications, such as lessons learned or their lasting impact within the […]

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8 steps to clean up your online reputation

Sean McGinnis recently wrote an interesting post about online reputation and how he ended up in porn.One day, he Googled himself to discover an adult movie called “The Fluffer” had been released and the star character’s name was none other than, you guessed it, Sean McGinnis.An SEO expert and Web strategist, he set about to take […]

Sandy Hermanoff on FOX2 News Discussing GM Crisis

  A study conducted by the The Center for Auto Safety, a private watchdog group in Washington DC, reports that 303 deaths occurred after airbags failed to deploy in 1.6 million compact cars recalled last month by General Motors Co. General Motors issued this statement in response: “As knowledgeable observers know, FARS tracks raw data. […]


10 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Message Out on Twitter: Guest Post

Being able to engage your audience on Twitter is a must-have skill for any communicator. Here are some insights into getting your message out there and raising brand awareness. Share your brand-related and produced content. Tweet regularly. Four to seven times per day is a good average. Check your tweet after posting to ensure there […]

Open Secrets: What Makes Email Subject Lines Work?

In a series of “think-aloud” studies in 2011, the Carnegie Mellon professors asked participants to sort through emails in their own inboxes and in inboxes developed for the study. The results? Readers were most likely to open emails with subject lines focusing on: 1. Utility, or relevance: People are most likely to open emails when […]

Newspaper Op-Eds: A Frequently Overlooked PR Tool

Newspaper Op-Eds are very important pieces to the puzzle of comprehensive coverage for a client. We use them for our clients. Here is an article from Public Relations Tactics by Scott Berman. Newspaper op-eds — signed opinion pieces on the page opposite editorials — are important PR tools too frequently overlooked by communications professionals. And […]

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Social Media

An avalanche of new opportunities is available on the Internet in the form of social media sites. These sites serve as a strategic public relations and marketing tool to build your brand and target key audiences for your business. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter enable individuals, groups and companies to easily publish, […]

How to avoid being misquoted by the media

  Brad Phillips on how to avoid being misquoted by the media       Brad Phillips is author of The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview. He is also the president of Phillips Media Relations, a media and presentation training firm, and blogs at Mr. […]

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